About Us


We only invest in businesses we believe in with a view to helping them achieve their goals.

We believe the core values of a business are paramount to success and will only invest in businesses that share our own.

The Thomas Thomas team has been carefully selected to be able to offer the full range of services an SME needs to grow.

We also have a well-researched team of advisers to call on to ensure the legitimacy of any decisions made.

The Thomas Thomas team are the single biggest investor in our investments.

Thomas Thomas was born out of the belief that a well run business delivering a good service will always be successful.

We work with a number of potential investors to ensure support is available when a business needs it.

We focus on SME's as we believe there is the most potential in these businesses based on the direction they can go and the improvements that can be made to increase efficiency. 

Business Systems are the heartbeat of any business, we have extensive experience in configuring 'off the shelf' solutions and implementing bespoke systems to let a business grow.

Reporting and analysis are at the core of what we do; you can't change what you don't measure.