Our Approach

With all the members of ProClean being passionate about cars we wanted to provide a valeting service for people in our local area as an alternative to low cost hand car washes that have rapidly set up in the county. The rapid nature of low cost hand car washes means the chemicals are very strong and the water and wash tools used are contaminated with grit from the previous many vehicles. You also must sit and wait for the service having driven to the location. ProClean provide both a mobile and a fully equipped car care center to address these issues and avoid the damage caused by these operators and provide invaluable and honest advice to ensure your vehicle remains in excellent condition.

A well-maintained vehicle, with good quality waxes and finishes on paintwork, fabrics, plastics, glass and rubbers will stay cleaner for longer and hold onto that new look for years. It is often the case that maintaining a vehicles condition will pay for itself at the point of sale or trade in and you enjoy the benefit of a great looking car during the time of ownership.

We will come and carry out a full inspection of the vehicle and provide a comprehensive evaluation of the work required initially to get the car to the standards that ProClean adhere to and to advise on a maintenance package over the following months. The maintenance package will be different for each vehicle dependent on the age, usage (some will be more heavily soiled than others) and of course the client’s budget. All of this will be an individually bespoke solution tailoring all your needs to keep the car in perfect condition at a location and time that suits you.

Maintaining environmental standards is vital to ProClean. We use biodegradable products and a car mat that is used to collect all the various treatments so that we can collect and dispose of them using responsible methods as defined by environmental services. Our premises holds an appropriate environment agency standard and the appropriate separators for any contaminants.