On-site Valeting

We offer a variety of valet levels including:

  • Mini Exterior Valet
  • Mini Interior Valet
  • Mini Valet
  • Full Valet
  • Executive Valet

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Mobile Valeting

As well as on-site valeting we can also come to you, at home or at work…

Our mobile valeting vans are fitted with a professional jet wash, dry and wet vac and carry a full range of products including: traffic film remover, shampoo, polishes, waxes, dressings.

Don’t have an outside tap? Not to worry we have water barrels fitted to our vans and operate a two bucket wash system which is a proven safe method for washing cars without introducing scratches on the paintwork.

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Card and cash payments are both accepted.

Detailing and Paint Correction

Paint Correction/Enhancment includes a one to multistage machine polish to bring paint work back to factory finish.

Paintwork renovation, restoration or correction can be carried out to paint that has become damaged through everyday use or poor maintenance. Light scratching, swirl marks, hazing, dullness and many other forms of neglected can be restored through paint correction using specialized polishes and compounds applied by machine followed by a wax treatment.

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Ceramic Coating

Adding a sealant protects your vehicle from 6-9 months however a ceramic coating will protect you from 3-5 years. It will protect you from UV, chemicals from the roads, birdlime and will help reduce swirling and adverse weather conditions.

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Our bodywork specialists carry out a range of bodywork and repairs at our Telford site including:

  • Cosmetic damage such as: major scratches, car park damage, bumper scruffs, multi panel damage, dent removal
  • Paintless dent removal – if no damage to the paint we can remove dent without the need for paint spraying keeping your paint original on the car
  • We can provide all aspects of paintwork with our on-site state of the art Haltec spray booth.

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Dealerships and Independent Garages

Whether you would like us to provide you with a regular maintenance programmes for your vehicles, or prepare your cars for resale, you can rest easy knowing that our fully trained and insured staff at ProClean pride themselves on using the best products available in the market along with using the latest techniques and procedures to ensure the service you require is carried out to the highest standard possible.

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We are more than happy to help and cater for any other specific needs, just give us a call on 01952 947 717 or email hello@proclean-vaelting.co.uk.