Detailing and Paint Protection Services

paint protection Telford

Winter & Summer Protection

With grit, salt, flies, tree sap, bird deposits and weather conditions all affecting the paint job on your vehicle, it is essential that the vehicle is robustly protected against these elements.

In addition to an executive valet your car will also receive a 2-stage mechanical polish to ensure the paint has a contaminant free smooth finish to optimise the paint protection being applied and removing any swirling and other minor paint defects that may have occurred during the vehicles lifetime. The double application of the sealant will protect the paintwork for up to a year depending on the age and condition of the vehicle (you will be advised by the technician on the inspection on the effective length of time) once this has cured we will then apply a wax treatment to further protect the paintwork and in doing so providing a glass like appearance to your vehicle.

All this treatment will enable the dirt, salt and flies etc. to easily roll off the vehicle and achieve an immaculate finish to your cars exterior for many months if not years with our thorough, affordable and tailored maintenance programs.

From £250 inc VAT

Sealant products used are by Gtechniq

Paint Correction

Paintwork renovation, restoration or correction can be carried out to paint that has become damaged through everyday use or poor maintenance. Light scratching, swirl marks, hazing, dullness and many other forms of neglected can be restored through paint correction using specialized polishes and compounds applied by machine followed by a wax treatment, sealant or ceramic coating.

From £175 inc VAT