Vehicle Valeting Services

car valeting telford

Car valeting Telford based specialists, ProClean provide both on-site and mobile valeting services to its customers ranging from an express wash up to an executive valet and can also provide extra services such as excessive dog hair removal, heavy staining or spillages, upholstery sealant and protection, fabric roof restoration, biological clean, odor elimination can be requested as an extra if not part of a selected service.

All prices vary depending on the size, condition and location of the vehicle.  A final price will be provided prior to commencement of any work and the price given at that point is always the final price. For a free no obligation quote please call us on 01952 947 717, email us at hello@proclean-valeting.co.uk or contact us via our contact us page here…

We offer a range of services including detailing and paint protection and bodywork service.

Express Wash

Bodywork (including door shuts and boot shuts) degreased and removed from all contaminants, shampooed, hand dried, wheels cleaned and tyres dressed, exterior windows cleaned and polished.

From £15 inc VAT

Mini Valet

Bodywork (including door shuts, boot shuts and wheel arches), degrease an remove all contaminants, shampooed, hand dried, wheels cleaned, tyres dressed, exterior windows cleaned, degreased & polished (including mirrors), vacuum carpets and upholstery (including boot area if empty), clean dashboard/steering wheel/controls, clean door panels & facias, clean dashboard/steering wheel & controls. All finished off with our Berry Blast air freshener!

From £40 inc VAT

Mini Valet with Sealant

Mini valet with Gtechniq sealant for longer lasting paint protection.

From £60 inc VAT

Full Valet

As with mini valet but also tar and fall out removal, extreme thorough interior cleaning and degreasing. Plastic and rubber dressed, hand polish to remove light scratches followed by a coat of carnauba wax providing short term paint protection as part of a maintenance program. Engine bay cleaned and dressed.

From £80 inc VAT

Executive Valet

As per the full valet but to include upholstery and carpet cleaning using a wet/dry vac to remove general staining, bacteria and odour removal. If vehicle fitted with leather seats these will be cleaned using a specialist leather cleaner and then protected using a leather supplement.

From £120 inc VAT